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New Jersey Banks, banks, New Jersey, Savings and Loans, NJ loans, NJ lending institutions, NJ mortgage, New Jersey lenders, deposit

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Hudson City Bank


About Hudson City Bank

Hudson City Savings Bank has served its customers since 1868. Hudson City’s unique heritage and operating philosophy enables us to differentiate the Bank by offering customers a winning value proposition — Bank on Better Values.TM

Our value proposition has enabled us to capture market share and build a loyal customer base consisting of over 640,000 deposit accounts. Hudson City’s success stems from remaining focused on our core business principles. This focus means striving to be the best at what we do: attracting deposits and making sound mortgages.
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Headquartered in New Jersey, Hudson City serves customers throughout the surrounding New York metropolitan area with branches located in 17 counties throughout the state of New Jersey, and branches located in Westchester, Suffolk, Putnam, Richmond, and Rockland counties in New York, as well as in Fairfield County in Connecticut. Hudson City’s 135 branches are located in 10 of the top 50 U.S. counties ranked by median household income. We also open deposit accounts through our Internet banking service.


We have been earning the trust and respect of consumers for over 145 years and know that we must still work hard to maintain it. Trust begins with value.

Better Value
We believe that our customers’ first priority is the value they receive in our banking relationship. Value can be defined as a combination of higher deposit yields, lower fees, and lower mortgage rates. That being said, Hudson City’s deposit yields and mortgage rates have consistently been among the best in the New York metropolitan area.

Customer Experience
Hudson City has hundreds of thousands of customers, large and small — all deserve to be treated as special. At Hudson City, we believe our customers’ experience must begin with knowledgeable, courteous people of high integrity. Second, we must be accurate, thorough, and responsive to our customers’ needs. That includes presenting options that we believe are in our customers’ best interests. In so doing, we must recognize the value of your time and conduct business in a simple, streamlined manner.

Straight talk, transparency, and honesty are vital in the relationship between Hudson City employees and our customers. Our employees take the time to understand customer needs and discuss the best product options. Employees disclose all fees and expenses to ensure that there are no surprises. Trust is a very important part of our business. At the end of the day, we want our customers to know that we did right by them.

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Bank on Better Values by visiting us at one of our over 130 convenient branches in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

New Jersey Banks, banks, New Jersey, Savings and Loans, NJ loans, NJ lending institutions, NJ mortgage, New Jersey lenders, deposit


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