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 Disability Awareness: Taking the "Dis" out of "Disability"
An interactive program focusing upon the perspectives and realities of growing up with cerebral palsy. Ideal for topics discussing disability awareness and character development in the classroom.

New Jersey education links, education, NJ, associations, association, teachers
The Enrichment Center
A full service tutoring and enrichment  company, servicing students from all towns within a 25 mile radius of Westfield.
The Enrichment Center works with students from pre-kindergarten through
grade 12. Classes and private tutoring is available for all types of
students. All teachers are New Jersey State certified and experienced. This is a
privately owned company.
New Jersey education links, NJ Tutors, New Jersey Tutorseducation, NJ, associations, association, teachers

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  • Sandy Hook Child Care Center
    The Sandy Hook Child Care Center has been in operation since November 3, 1980, when a group of parents and employees at Sandy Hook got together to create a safe stimulating atmosphere in which children could grow and learn while their parents worked, attended classes, or pursued other interests. Our goal was and continues to be to establish a place that offers affordable and quality child care to parents employed on Sandy Hook and adjacent communities. The Center is a non-profit organization fully licensed for 15 children per day by the State of New Jersey.
  • The New Technology Training Center
    Locations in both New Jersey and New York.
    A private training institute with a unique dedication to Computer Network training.
    NTC is the only facility in the Tri-State area dedicated to Network training that is fully-equipped, with a real time mission-critical lab.
  • New Jersey School Jobs -- NJSchoolJobs.com
  • The Sundance School
    North Plainfield, New Jersey
  • NetMate Kids
    Cliffside Park, New Jersey
    Website with games to play, cool toys, & Kids Community; where you can make your own homepage and meet other kids from around the world. HAVE FUN!
  • New Jersey Mathematics Coalition
  • The Kendall Park Learning Center
    Kendall Park, New Jersey Educational Centers
    The Kendall Park Learning Center is an independent educational
    institution, fully accredited by the Commission on International and
    Trans-Regional Accreditation. KPLC provides students K-12 with a
    holistic and individualized program of learning to complement and
    supplement their educational needs. Students are the priority and
    developing their enthusiasm for knowledge is the Center's mission.
    Academic achievement and success are anchored in self-esteem and
    confidence. At the KPLC the teachers aim to teach to all learning
    modalities. Wide use of educational software supports student's
    success. Kendall Park Learning Center is a supplementary school which
    has been in operation for seven years.
  • A Road To Ivy New NJ Tutoring and Education Websites !!
    Clots Neck NJ Tutors - Private tutoring, enrichment classes, SAT classes and summer
    programs for all ages, kindergarten/pre k
  • New York Education and Schools Directory

New Jersey education links, education, NJ, associations, association, teachers


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